When doing home renovations there are many ideas that we think are fascinating but are actually cringey to interior designers. It could be misplaced appliances, unstructured spaces in the house, or the mirrors you put on every corner of the rooms.  

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Most of the homeowners do not hesitate to think that mirrors provide an additional dimension to the house. In fact, you may hear people, even experts, saying that adding mirrors n walls can significantly affect the whole structural view of the entire space, making it bigger and spacious, most probably because of the optical illusion it makes on space. 

The following are the common decorating mistakes using mirrors to avoid: 

1.Not Using it Tastefully in a Bedroom 

A lot of people think that placing a mirror to where you can immediately glance upon it is a good idea. However, the contrary is actually the more possible and better option you can do. Instead of being constantly being distracted by your face when you wake up and fall asleep, try putting it on the headboard above the head.  

2.Putting it everywhere  

Mirrors are incredible; however, when you do not put it in the right place, it will make the space less attractive and unnatural. Is it reflecting the attractive part of the room? Is it rightfully place on the right corner? Reflect on the answers before putting mirrors everywhere you like.  

3.Exposing it to moisture in the bathrooms and kitchen 

While it is good to place a mirror on the bathroom, exposing it to moisture leads to damage and even accidents. If it is too exposed on moisture, it could develop dark stains and posts leading to unattractive look. 

The same thing happens in the kitchen. The kitchen is also very susceptible to water and moisture, and putting your mirror everywhere in the kitchen can also cause mirror stains due to moisture.  

4.Putting walls on more than two walls 

Some of the interior designers and experts would say that in order to create a bigger space optically, place mirrors on walls. Although this has some truths on it, placing mirrors on more than two walls in the same room may make you feel inconvenience and uncountable due to the unusual reflection it provides. 

5.Leaving mirror on a place that gets direct sunlight 

If you want your mirror to last, make sure that you put it on a place that is shaded as possible, as the sunlight reflected by the mirror in a consistent amount of time, will make the mirror duller and unreflective over time.  

When it comes to interior design, there are many things you might do, and one of those is to put mirrors on different spaces in the house. However, if you think of putting them on different angles and areas will make all things good, think twice. Follow the tips we provided above to avoid the common mirror mistakes that homeowners do.