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1) When you buy a new mobile phone, use MobileSync Pro to copy data from your old mobile phone to the new.
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If you just bought a new mobile phone and need to transfer the data from your old mobile to the new, you can easily do so using MobileSync Pro. The cross-platform sync feature gives user the freedom of switching from one mobile phone to another, of the same or different platform, at will.
2) When you have more than one Mobile phone, use MobileSync Pro to keep data in all Mobile phones at sync.
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If you possess multiple mobile phones and want to keep data across all mobiles in sync, there is no better solution than Mobileync Pro. The automated cross-platform sync takes the hassle of formatting data for different platforms and the sync process takes place in real time in a seamless manner. By configuring auto-sync, MobileSync Pro ensures that all your mobile phones will have accurate and latest data without you ever noticing the behind the scene sync processes. As a bonus, there is also a web storage that will have the latest copy of your data, used in the sync process, that you could access from anywhere over web via internet connection.
3)  When your Mobile phone is lost or stolen, use MobileSync Pro to Protect your personal data.
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Safeguard your personal data from thieves and prying eyes, in the event your mobile phone is stolen or lost. Using the Geo Tracking feature, you are able to track the location; Using SIM Alert, you will know if and when the alleged stealer inserts another SIM into your mobile. However the most important feature is the Remote Wipe, which enables you to send an SMS command to wipe out the data from your mobile phone. 
4) Use MobileSync Pro to backup your Mobile data so that you can recover from a data loss.

The web panel stores a copy of your mobile data including Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Photos, Videos, Music and Documents. In addition, during every Sync, additional data items that are not part of the sync - such as emails, SMS and call history - are also backed up. This ensures that a comprehensive snapshot of your mobile data is available should you need to recover from an unexpected data loss.
5) Use MobileSync Pro to share data files with other users.
Sharing data between mobile

Whereas sync allows all mobiles belonging to the user to share the data amongst his/her own pool of mobile phones, the “Share” feature allows the data to be shared with "other"  MobileSync Pro users. For example, if you wish to share a document with your friend, you could tag the document for sharing, and other user will be able to see them through his/her web panel and have the option to copy it to his/her account as well.
The above are the typical uses of MobileSync Pro but you may be surprised at how many more smaller yet unique ways you could make use of it. MobileSync Pro is a powerful multi faceted Mobile utility, and it is for you to explore and discover its full potential.