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iPhone Mobile App Guide

Unlike the Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms, iPhone has limited settings available in its mobile app. As such, some of the features explained in the Web Panel user guide may not have any effect nor related settings in the iPhone mobile app.  It should be noted that the Recovery Options and Auto-Sync scheduling features are not available on the iPhone platform.

Running the iPhone Mobile App (First time launch)
Home Page and Navigation
Contents Page
Add Files Page
Summary Page
Setting Page
Initiate Sync (Manual)
Access Web Panel (within App)
Change Login
Create an Account

Running the iPhone Mobile App (First time launch)

  • Ensure that you have registered your MobileSync Pro account.  If you haven't already signed up, you can do so now directly from the mobile app by selecting “Sign Up”. For more information see Create an Account.
  • Launch the mobile app by tapping the MobileSync Pro app icon on your iPhone mobile phone
  • Login using the username and password - same as the one for the Web panel.


Tip!: Set the “Remember password” as “ON” if you wish you skip the login screen in future, and go to the home page.

  • Once you login, you will see a list of mobile phones (iPhone platform), previously added through the Web panel and yet to be registered.


Tip! - If you wish to login using another MobileSync Pro account, you can go back to the login screen by selecting “Login”, to login as a different account.


  • Select the corresponding iPhone mobile phone from the list of mobile devices to login to the mobile application.
  • You have now successfully completed registration of the mobile phone. You will see the iPhone mobile app's home page. 


Tip!: This is a one time process except in case you wish to associate a different account on a particular mobile phone. In such a case, you simply need login using the different username and password and run through the same steps as above. Refer to the Change Login section for more details.

Home Page and  Navigation

  • On launching the mobile app, you will be taken to the Sync page (home page).

Note:  If you have not previously set the “Remember Password” for the login screen as “On”, you will first need to login, to get to the home page.

  • You can initiate a manual sync from the home page by selecting “Start Sync”. For more details, see Initiate Sync.
  • You can also view the Web panel by selecting “View Webpanel”. This loads the web panel via mobile browser, within a frame. See Access Web panel (within app) for more details.

Note: For detailed help on Web panel, see Web Panel Guide. This is a general Web panel guide that also covers features that are only relevant to mobile platforms.

  •  The Device/Web panel section shows a side by side comparison of data available in your mobile and the web account. You can tap the Refresh icon  to update the screen with the latest details.
  • You can access the following pages, via the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Sync page is also the home page, and you can always get back to the home page from any of the other pages by selecting “Sync”. Rest of the pages are explained in the following sections.
    • Sync (Home Page)
    • Contents
    • Add Files
    • Summary
    • Setting


 Contents Page

  • On selecting “Contents” from the menu, you will see the following page:

  • The contents page allows you to add, view, edit or play the following type of data.
    • Calendar (Add/View/Edit/Delete)
    • Task (Add/View/Edit/Delete)
    • Document (Add/View/Delete)
    • Photo (Add/View/Delete)
    • Music (View/Play/Delete)
    • Video(View/Play/Delete)


  • On selection of the type of data, you will be presented with a screen containing list of data entries that you could select and view and/or edit/play. You select an item from the list simply by tapping on the data. You will then see the full data for that item, and depending on the data type, you will be able to modify by simply tapping on the details and entering new details. Once you have done the needed action, select “Done” to complete the action and return to the initial screen. Screenshot can be seen below.
  • You can add data by selecting the   button. This would bring a new form where you need to fill up the data by tapping on the each field to enter the detail. Once finished with entering all needed details for the data item, select “Done” to return the initial screen.


Note: You can also add data using the Web panel, and the same data will be available from the contents page after the sync. In the same manner, any updates carried out from the web panel and/or contents page will sync with each other.

Task                                                                            Calendar

Pictures                                                                      Document


 Add Files Page

  • On selecting “Add Files” from the menu, you will see the following page:


  • By default, the switch would be off. Change to “ON” in order to use this feature. Once the switch is “on” and the mobile is connected via a Wi-Fi network, a temporary url will appear. Please be patient as it could take several seconds for the URL to appear.
  • Once you have the url, enter it on your browser, using any of the PC/devices connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • You will be presented with a page where you are able to view Documents, Music, Pictures and Video files that are stored in your iPhone. You can add files to the  relevant folders by selecting “Browse”, slecting the file, and then clicking “Submit” to upload them. You will need to ensure thatg you have selected the correct folder (i.e. Documents, Music, etc) before you upload the file.


  • Files added in this manner can now be seen from your iPhone contents page as well. However you may need to refresh the iPhone contents page before seeing the latest files. Once you sync, the files will also be available in the Web panel.
  • Photos can be added from photo library and Camera too.
  • Downloaded photos can be saved in Photo library using the save button.

  •  Summary Page


  • On selecting “Summary” from the menu, you will see a page that lists the last 10 sync results.
  • You can select a particular sync line to view further details of that particular sync. This will show you the upload/download stats for each type of sync data.


 Setting Page

  • You can configure some basic MobileSync Pro settings by selecting “Setting”.



  • You can use “Change Login” so that a different account is associated with the mobile. See Change Login for more details.
  • Select the type button as “Sync” to configure sync settings. Alternatively, you could select it as “Backup” and configure the settings for backup. It should be noted that you cannot have both selected at the same time.
  • You can toggle the On/Off switches next to the Sync data types to selectively specify whether or not you wish to Sync / Backup them. The following can be either set to on or off.
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Documents
    • Photo
    • Music
    • Videos


Note: Contacts are managed directly from the iPhone’s built-in contacts app whereas the rest are available from the mobile app’s Contents Page. The Web panel too can be used to add and update the data.

Initiate Sync (Manual)

  • You can initiate a manual sync by clicking “Sync Now” from the home page.

  • The sync process will show a progress bar and a status line of the sync item being downloaded/uploaded (e.g. “uploading document ..1/14”).


  • It is also possible to cancel the sync while it is in progress, by clicking “Cancel”. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to cancel the sync.

Note: When you start sync for the first time, you may be prompted by iPhone to Allow location. Once you have done that, you will see a progress bar

Access Web Panel

  • You can open the Web panel from your mobile device by selecting Sync (Home Page) à Open Web panel. This will open the Web panel in browser, and within a frame of the running mobile app. You can now access the Web panel just as you would do using a regular desktop web browser.


Change Login

  • Select Settings à Change Login. A fresh login screen will show. Enter the user name and password to login.


  • If you attempt to change the login to the same username (email) previously assigned to this device, the registration page will show the previously selected device as the “Current Device”.

NOTE: Changing login to a new account or to a different device will result in the device data to be sent again to web.
Create an Account

  • Select “Sign Up” from the Login screen.
  • You will see a fresh Account creation form. Enter Email address and password. Retype the password to confirm the same. Enter a unique name for the device, and the corresponding mobile phone number (e.g +1 123 123 4567).
  • Submit the registration by clicking “Register”.


NOTE: You need not create an account unless it becomes a necessity. As a MobileSync Pro user, you already have an existing account at the time you registered. However if you wish to assign a set of device/s to another account which you wish to create, you can consider creating a new account.