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  • How It Works

MobileSync Pro is a feature rich multi-purpose mobile phone utility. However all the complexity is hidden from the user and MobileSync Pro interacts using a simple and user-friendly interface, via an intuitive web panel and efficient platform-specific mobile applications.

This section presents an overview of steps involved in using the software, and the online user guide gives easy to understand step by step instructions to help you make the most out of MobileSync Pro.


User Registration

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  • User registers his/her MobileSync Pro software download details at http://www.mobilesyncpro.com/webpanel/login_web.aspx
  • Upon registration, a MobileSync Pro Web Panel account with 200MB online storage is created for the user and login details are provided.

    Mobile Phone Registration

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  • User logs in to the web panel and enters details of the mobile phone he/she wishes to add, including number and model.
  • User is directed to download instructions and also sent a PIN by SMS.
  • Using the download instructions and the PIN, user installs platform specific MobileSync Pro application on the mobile phone.
  • User launches the application on the mobile phone. On launching for the first time, sees a list of mobile phones that were added through the web panel in step 3 and are yet to be linked with a physical mobile phone; this is done next.
  • User selects the corresponding mobile phone from the list of mobile devices shown, to login to the mobile application. Thus this step establishes the association of the mobile phone added through web panel with the physical mobile phone, and completes the registration process for the particular mobile phone.
  • Using the above process, user will need to register all his/her mobile phones, one by one, so that they can be in sync. This is a one time process except in case a user wants to change the mobile account associated with a mobile phone.

    Sync Initiated – MobileSync Pro at Work

  • When sync is initiated from one of the mobile phones, either manually or by auto sync, its data is sent to the MobileSync Pro server.
  • The MobileSync Pro server then syncs received data with the central web data stored in the MobileSync Pro server.
  • Central data is thus updated, for example new contacts are added, and the server in turn prepares fresh data to be sent back to the mobile phone as part of the sync process.  This data is formatted for the mobile platform and would include, for example, new contacts and files received from other mobile phones, but not found in the mobile that initiated sync.

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  • At the end of this sync process, both the central web data and the mobile phone that initiated the sync are updated with the latest data and will be fully in sync with each other.
  • Backup: On every sync, mobile phone sends a copy of its SMS, Call History and Emails, from both device memory and storage card of the mobile phone. This backup of data is stored in the MobileSync Pro server.
  • In the same way, other mobile phones too would undergo the sync process, either when triggered manually, or by auto scheduled sync, and will be updated with the latest data.

All data transmissions take place on air, through GPRS or Wi-Fi, and the sync process happens in the background without any interruption to the mobile phone.

User can perform day to day update of data either directly through web panel, or using the mobile phones. No matter where the data is updated, MobileSync Pro keeps them all in sync.

User can also turn on other features such as Mobile Phone Protection and Sharing Files.


Protecting Mobile Phone

User sets up SIM change alert by specifying a mobile number to which the SIM alert SMS should be sent to, and turns on Geo tracking and Remote Wipe features.

Geo tracking will make the mobile phone automatically send location information on every sync.

The web panel’s Recovery section, allows real time tracking of device, as well as sending commands such as Lock, Wipe, or Make Sound!

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User is alerted when a SIM card inserted to his mobile is replaced by another. If the mobile is lost or stolen and the user wishes to remove the data remotely, he/she send an SMS from another mobile phone or from a web SMS facility to delete the Data that was used in the last Sync from the  mobile.


Sharing Files with Others

User may want to share data, for example photos and documents, with other users. A user's web panel account will already contain a shared folder for this purpose.

User will mark files that he/she wishes to share with other users.

Shared files will be visible to other users' shared accounts to whom it has been shared, although data remains at original user’s location only. However other users will have the option to copy shared files to their account.